Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blog 2 - Pics 1 - Thailand

Thailand 29th Sep - 7th Oct 2006

Long boats on the river.. now thats what I call an outboard. Does Jeremy Clarkson know about these.

Canal bus.. a wild ride

Creative face cloth folding (not by me!) - Asia Hotel... posh

Pattya.. I bet this bed could tell a few tales.

The new Bangkok airport.. looking really happy to be going!


Anonymous said...

I think those outboards are awesome, such delicate looking boats!

Ellie looks great and you look as though you are enjoying yourself.

Anonymous said...

Haha! You are totally loving this, dude! Your daughter looks happy and healthy (a relief for you, I'm sure). You must give all our relatives a buzz and tap them up for loads of cash, food and petrol coupons (they still have those over there, right?)! Seriously though, it brightens my day to think of you surfing together with Ellie, how cool is that? Keep on keepin on Uncle Dude, and surf the pipe yo!!!