Monday, December 25, 2006

Blog 23 - Sydney Hobart Start

Hi Folks

Just managed to slip into the media centre at the C.Y.C.A marina and leave a quick message.

Its all mayhem here; 8:30am Boxing Day, its bright and sunny with a medium breeze to make all the flags flutter. Extra coffee stalls, news cameras, lots of nervous looking people with deep tans and wrap around sunnies, carrying sail bags, foul weather kit and last minute provisions.

The boat is ready to go. I've already gone ;-) .... its important to get your pre race dump in! Sorry if thats too much info but if you saw the bog on board you would understand why!! The astronaughts had it easy with their bathroom stuff compared to sailors in a small pitching and rocking boat with no hand holds.

Have had my seas sickness tablet and am raring to go. The start will be great as its a lovely sunny day but a bit chilly for the time of year and the forecast to get colder as we go south. Will be glad of the two layers of thermals. Weather forecast is good, with a deep low over Tazzy moving away east and a high pressure system coming in behind with southerly breeze. Means we will be beating against the wind and waves for most of the way. This will slow us down and make the boat bounce a lot (not good - see above!!) so expect at least four days to Hobart maybe five. Hope the food and water last if its the latter.

You can follow the boat - 'Global Yacht Racing Next' on the official web site here.

Will update when I get back.

A big thank you to all my friends and family who support me with their love and good wishes.

Merry Christmas to everyone and a very happy and exciting New Year.

John xxxx

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Psychodudu said...

Well done for doing this, John. Don't come home though, get a job, scrounge, do whatever, but complete your trip. You owe it to yourself to see through the rest of this trip. You need to write it all down, and self publish afterwards. Ellie's not going home, so why should you? You could crew on a yacht, or work as a lifeguard, or do odd jobs or even borrow some money off the family. JUST DON'T LEAVE THIS ADVENTURE!! Luv Nef